Blue Lug build a Crust Dreamer

Blue Lug is a bike shop in Japan. Crust Bikes design cool bikes. This video is a zen-like 43 minute dive into building up a Dreamer. There’s so much effort and attention to detail that goes into making this beautiful bicycle. The process is well understood so the end result is a testamet to the mastery of the people (or just a person, it’s hard to tell when you can’t see their face) building the bike.

Sure. this video isn’t about software development, but its It’s a calming and inspiring watch all the same.

Double Fine Adventure

Double Fine Adventure is a behind-the-scenes documentary series chronicling the making of Broken Age, from Kickstarter promotion through to distribution on multiple platforms.

It’s a 20-episode series and it’s as bingeable as anything you’ll find on Netflix. All the nuts and bolts of making a game are covered but, more importantly, you feel like you get to know the Double Fine team as they put in the work to create a game they are proud of.

Double Fine Adventure is about those people, more than anything else. I’d work there in a heartbeat.

I tend to watch the series every year or so and I always come away with a renewed appreciation of the fact that good things are made by people who really care about what they’re doing.