Help save Stereogum

A lot of my quick links point to posts on Stereogum, a site that’s been around for ages but is now in danger of shutting. I read it religiously, it’s my number one source of new music and artists. And the comments section is actually really fucking good.

Scott Lapatine went fully independent earlier this year, buying the site off the parent company, just in time to see COVID-19 fuck over the entire live music industry and murder his advertising revenue.

To shore up and improve the business Stereogum are running an Indigogo campaign, the first perk of which is an ’00s covers album featuring 54 different artists. The list includes Clipping, Lucy Dacus, Rostam, The New Pornographers, Dirty Projectors, and The National. The cost is US$20 (about $NZD30) and you get more stuff if you donate more.

I’ve gotten way more than $30 worth of entertainment from Stereogum over the years. I cannot recommend the site highly enough. If you are a regular reader, please consider donating, too.

April Tracks, 2020

I use an IFTTT applet that adds tracks that I’ve saved on Spotify to a monthly playlist. In April I tapped the heart icon 19 times.

This was the first month of full lockdown and I actually thought I’d added more songs. I guess my listening went back to more comfort food? Dunno.

It’s a funny old list. Plenty of tracks that I’ve loved a long time: your Lambchops and Bill Callahans.

Hackensack is my favourite Fountains of Wayne songs. Of course I put it on after I found out the news about Adam Schlesinger. I read Tom Breihan’s warm tribute to Schlesigner’s work a couple times.

I fell in love with Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa a few years ago when a Vampire Weekend festival performance was on telly.

I was listening to a playlist on a run when The Only Living Boy In New York came on and it struck me as the right tone for lockdown. It’s a great song.

It looks like May might be about new music. There’s a new Hinds track out. The new Car Seat Headrest album is out and I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Antonie Tonnon and Beastwars have new music on Bandcamp.

What are you listening to?

Angry folk follow legendary comic artist into container, yell at him.

Recently Stereogum posted a short article about members of System of A Down and Avenged Sevenfold covering Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out). I’m always up for a Radiohead cover so I bookmarked the page and finally watched it this evening and commented on the post:

This version is not for me but I was stoked to see that the artist painting a excellent portrait of Radiohead is Bill Sienkiewicz, one of my favourite comics artists ever. I don’t know why they were yelling at him in a container, though. That’s impolite.

The cover of Street Spirit is pretty grim. You’re better off watching pretty much anything on the new Radiohead Public Library archive.