Enjoy a video of a bloke sawing a log

Look: I’m not handy. I wish I was handy. I do enjoy watching competent, enthusiastic handy people go about their work, though. I learn new things about new topics and I get a vicarious sense of satisfaction when they complete projects.

This video of a bloke named Nathan cutting slabs of Chinese Chestnut on his sawmill is a great example. A video of a sawmill slicing up a log might be mildly satisfying. This 15 minutes is so much more so. Nathan talks about his preparation and his expectations before he starts sawing the log. His surprise and low-key delight when the wood turns out much better than expected is kind of heartwarming.

I could watch this stuff all day. It’s such an antidote to almost everything in the world that winds you up. It’s relaxing, almost zen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.