Exercising the logic muscles

There is a path here

I’ve been playing more with level generation in SPADE. I dug up a link to Darius Kazemi’s excellent explanation of how the levels are made in Spelunky and have got the path generation replicated in some rough and tumble pico-8 code.

This took me longer than I would have liked. To be fair on myself I did most of the implementation at my daughter’s dance classes over the weekend, without internet, without a debugger, and with the distractions of a dance studio. Still, my logic muscles are somewhat atrophied.

Last night I finally googled ‘pico-8 debugger’ and found out about the printh() function and how to view the output in DebugView. Thirty minutes of reading my game’s output tonight and things are looking much better.

Debug output showing where I’ve gone wrong

doc_robs’s pico-8 tutorials

As I write this I’m still off sick and have been mostly sticking to the couch. Setting up emacs pretty much took all my energy so I’ve spent a bunch of time watching pico-8 tutorials from bloke going by the handle doc_robs.

doc_robs narrates in a quiet, soothing British accent–a welcome change to the super animated “Hey guys!” videos that tend to get on my tits after thirty seconds and would be sheer torture right now.

The actual content is pretty good, too. doc_robs approaches common video game tasks with simple examples that are very easy to follow. He dives into documentation, and supplements codes with simple hand-drawn diagrams. If you’re new to coding, this would be one great way to try it out.

doc_robs’s itch profile only has one fairly easy game. I haven’t done much looking but I hope there’s other stuff by him out there.