The Mountain Goats live, 2008

Who doesn’t like live indie rock?

0:00:00 – Michael Myers Resplendent
0:02:32 – Heretic Pride
0:06:46 – You Or Your Memory
0:09:24 – Quito
0:12:05 – Sax Rohmer #1
0:16:25 – Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident
0:20:46 – So Desperate
0:24:34 – Raja Vocative
0:26:45 – I’ve Got The Sex
0:29:11 – Downtown Seoul
0:32:25 – Talking In Your Sleep
0:34:25 – In The Craters On The Moon
0:38:23 – Dilaudid
0:41:08 – Sept 15 1983
0:45:29 – Lovecraft In Brooklyn
0:50:10 – See America Right
0:52:17 – House Guest
0:57:25 – This Year
1:01:36 – California Song
1:05:00 – The Sign
1:10:35 – The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton

John Darnielle and company put a lot of great songs into just over an hour. I’m still pretty new to the Mountain Goats canon so a lot of these tracks were new to me. House Guest is a new favourite

The Hold Steady Live on KEXP

I found The Hold Steady in late 2006, just after the release of their third album Boys and Girls In America. I was a new dad, it was a hot summer, and I spent many afternoons pushing a pram around the neighbourhood listening to Craig Finn sing about killer parties, whiskey & ginger, and shenanigans in the chillout tent. I dove into the back catalog and became a firm fan of their bar band meets beat poet vibe.

The later albums were pretty good rock albums but the storytelling didn’t grab me as much. Craig Finn released a few solo albums that seemed closer to the mark. I knew they’d released a new album recently but hadn’t taken the time to give it a solid listen.

After watching this performance for KEXP, that’s gonna change. Denver Haircut and You Did Good Kid seem like a return to the style that I came to know on sunny hills near my house. Thrashing Through The Passion is first up on the playlist tomorrow.