Can’t believe I’ve posted every day for a couple weeks and haven’t mentioned I do Crossfit yet.

I must be breaking some kind of rule.

Three times a week I join a dozen other folks at Toa Crossfit and get a sweat on. Any given day could feature one or more barbells, squats, wall balls, burpees, lunges, bear crawls, running, skipping, jumping, kettle bells, dumb bells, and stretches. It’s hard, but I scale to the right challenge for me (ok, once I pushed it too far and learned a lesson), and I never regret going.

The Crossfit has helped with my swimming training and vice versa. I can swim pretty fast for longer bursts and my pull ups have improved immensely. I’m pretty happy.

Here’s a couple of instagram photos taken by one of the coaches. My pain face has a bit of reputation now.