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In 2007, Madrid-based artist and illustrator Pep Carrió’s expansive diary project began as a challenge with a simple premise: to draw something every day. No matter what materials were at hand and without any predetermined theme or subject matter, he took a game-like approach to see if he could accomplish filling an entire Moleskine datebook throughout the year. The numerous editions that have followed feature a dazzling array of scenes fashioned from marker, pencil, tempera, pen, ink, collage, and found materials.

Figures and Events Are Transfixed by Time in Pep Carrió’s Extensive Daily Visual Diaries – Colossal
Craig Finn’s podcast is good — July 24, 2022

Craig Finn’s podcast is good

Craig Finn’s latest solo album, A Legacy of Rentals dropped in May and he’s paired it with a podcast called That’s How I Remember It.

That’s How I Remember It is a podcast that examines the connection between memory and creativity. Each episode will feature a discussion between Craig Finn and one creator — a musician, author, filmmaker, etc. — about the role that memory plays in their art.

The episodes with Patterson Hood and Edward Kitsis were good and I’m really looking forward to listening to his conversation with John Darnielle.

The podcast has encouraged me to listen to the album a lot more and I’m really enjoying how Finn has leaned back into characters and storytelling in his lyrics.

— July 22, 2022