All of the software I’ve ever uploaded rolled to production or committed to GitHub was written for me. It’s Personal Software. Here’s a list of some of the things I think are notable.


A game so nice I covered it twice! There’s the Put HTML (RIP) version and a pico-8 version that you can play on or download from I really like pico-8.

Future Age

A feed reader. I used Adam Mathes’s neko for a long time after Google Reader shut down. When the maintenance of an extremely unfamiliar codebase became too much I decided to try doing my own thing in Rails 6. Now retired in favour of fraidycat.


It scrapes the Surly Bikes blog and makes a json feed of the content. Then I subscribe to it in my feed reader. I think this is the only active piece of software I have running in production. My daily ride is a Surly Midnight Special. I love it.


A homegrown blog engine and an excuse to learn Rails 4. What engineering manager worth their salt doesn’t build their blog at some point? And who doesn’t eventually give up and just use WordPress?

Play Some Slayer

The UNIX philosophy in a website. It just played Slayer songs. Retired when the framework it used to pick and play Slayer songs stopped working.


Back when Angular was new and Spotify was new and was still cool I cooked something up to recommend songs by artists that were relatively new to me. The best thing about it was this gif that was displayed while it did the various queries.


I’m pretty sure I was using Angular incorrectly.


During the organisation of a hackathon at work a senior manager suggested someone try out voice recognition in a browser by implementing Demolition Man’s Verbal Morality Statute infraction detector. A co-worker and I did. We made it detect industry bullshit as well as swear words. We published the libraries as NPM modules. Given how it was tested and presented, It’s a miracle we are both still employed.