Data analysis of Burger Wellington 2019

Barely recovered from the depredations made on our wallets and appetites by last year’s burger frenzy, we are once again on the precipice of the Wellington on a Plate “Burger Wellington” event. With more participating restaurants, more burgers, and a wider range of ingredients and flavours than ever before, we risk being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. To digest this tasty deluge, we need some way to get to grips with it — we need firm buns of solid analysis, above and below, to surround and support the meat of information. We need burger data!

Simon Carryer has done the hard yards and dug into the Burger Wellington 2019 menu, identifying trends (potato buns up! milk buns down!), uncovering a resurgence in unique styles of burger, and determining a model for the most 2019-ish burger that you can make for yourself.

Thank you, Simon. This is important work.