Mt Kau Kau #2

The hill was steep. After several jogs on flat terrain my legs did not like the hill at all when I tackled it a couple of days ago.

The weather…the weather was OK, to be completely honest. Not cold. Not windy. It’s been grey and cool in Wellington since the end of NZ’s first lockdown and that’s relatively comfortable to run in. Fucking demoralising on all other counts but fine for running.

Running with a hat

How’s it sit? Pretty cunning don’t ya think?

I’ve never been much for running in head-ware. Hats I’ve worn have quickly gotten itchy and uncomfortable. I don’t like wearing glasses either, they tend to slip off once I get sweaty.

Until recently the only time I’ve been hold of a hat was the first time I took part in the Wellington Marathon. It was the middle of winter, there was a howling southerly and constant freezing drizzle. I wore a polypropylene beanie and it probably kept me from hypothermia over the 21kms out and back from the stadium.

In September I entered the Rotorua Half Marathon and received a running cap in my swag. I didn’t wear it during the run but I did decide to pack it with my running gear for this holiday, and I put it on for the first jog out to the Motueka waterfront in the last week of 2020.

Reader, you may have guessed that I am converted to hat running. This little cap is light. It breathes. On a cool day, and there have been a couple in the five runs in this hat, the hat provides just a little bit of warmth. The visor keeps the sun out of my eyes. I wish I’d worn this hat in Rotorua.

What is the point of this post other than to show off a photo of myself sweaty and wearing a hat?

I guess it’s a reminder to me to keep an open mind and try out alternatives to the regular way of doing things. What’s the worst that could happen?

Subscribe to the Surly Bikes blog in your feed reader

I’ve had my eye on a Surly Straggler for a long time. Like, years. Look at it. It’s gorgeous.

Straggler Bike 700c - Salmon Candy Red

I have an entry level mountain bike that I occasionally use as commuter and basically never use as an actual mountain bike. It turns out I’m not the kind of person who likes hooning down single track or weaving between trees and carving down switchbacks. I don’t mind a good grind, though, and I like going up and down unsealed roads.

I’ve followed Surly on Youtube for a while and have admired many a photo on r/surlybikefans but didn’t make a habit of visiting the site that often. Lockdown distractions led me there the other day and I found that the Surly blog is really good!

No feed, though. That’s standard these days. I was at a loose end this afternoon and decided to remedy that.

I took the bones of wod-feed, opened up the inspector in chrome, and twenty minutes later was subscribed to in Future Age. Sometimes it can be awfully satisfying to be programmer.

surly-feed is free software and available on github. Enjoy.

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