Watched: FREE SOLO

FREE SOLO is a documentary about Alex Honnold’s attempt to climb El Capitan without a rope. I loved the film but it made me very uncomfortable on many levels. I kept thinking about Ollivander in the HARRY POTTER films–it’s a great thing to attempt, terrible but great.

I think this opinion piece by Kevin Corrigan probably captures my feelings the best.

… Honnold spends the entire film expounding on his love of soloing, not a single other person interviewed wants him to go through with the climb. Tommy Caldwell does not want Honnold to do it. Peter Croft, one of Honnold’s Yosemite free-solo predecessors, reminds Honnold that he doesn’t have to go through with it. Honnold’s girlfriend, Sanni McCandless, tries her best to be encouraging, though she would much prefer Honnold not solo.

I’m not a climber. I’m terrified of heights. I noped out of several shots in the film like it was something out of the SAW franchise. Filming it seems like a very unenjoyable and stressful process at times. Still, it’s a must watch.