Creating and naming are separate skills. Creating is hard, slow work, while naming is a flourish that is completed in an instant. That’s why god had to make the animals, if you believe in such things, but the naming of them could be left to a nude man with no education.

Bennett Foddy on Giving Things Names

The IFTTT applet that should automagically publish my #breakfastsofinstagram photos here hasn’t worked for a week. Replacing it like a nice coding project for the weekend.

Double-toasted sandwich sliced Vogels smeared with super crunchy peanut butter and boysenberry jelly.
I prefer smooth peanut butter as a base for PB&J but it would be poor form to pop out for a small jar of Fix & Fogg on the second day of a Level Four lockdown.
Coffee is served in a JoCo cup I received for efforts in a Xero hackathon.