Piranesi by Susannah Clarke — May 20, 2023

Piranesi by Susannah Clarke

Cover of Piranesi, a novel by Susanna Clarke. The cover features a picture of a faun playing some kind of woodwind instrument.

I wolfed down Piranesi by Susanna Clarke in a day. The novel is narrated by someone who lives in “The House”, something appears to be an infinite labyrinth of rooms filled with columns, statues, and crevices, nooks. The House is open to the elements and regularly floods. The narrator believes The House is the entirety of the world and he is fairly confident he is one of two living humans in existence. To write anything else would spoil things too much. I’ll just say this: as with Mr Norrel and Jonathan Strange, Susanna Clarke’s writing is immersive and immaculate once again.

Buy it at your favourite local bookshop (I like Unity) or on Bookshop.org

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