I am starting to think that the greatest taboo in software development isn’t writing GOTOs, editing code in production, or even using tabs instead of spaces. No, the most dangerous, terrifying, unspeakable idea in programming is this: the suggestion that we—and all of the code we’ve written—might be replaceable.

Avdi Grimm – The ultimate software taboo

wod-feed turned off

I was a regular attendee of a CrossFit gym for three years, stopping only due to the time investment. I loved the people, I loved the exercise. When the lockdown kicked in I went back CrossFit style exercises a few days a week, going so far as to create a feed of the CrossFit workout of the day that I could subscribe to in my feed reader.

Today I turned that feed off. I still love the people at my gym and the exercise. But given the way Greg Glassman continues to act, the way he doesn’t seem to care that damaging the brand will hurt affliliate owners, and the apparent toxic culture at CrossFit HQ, and the continued recommendation of pseudoscience while denying the realities of climate change, I’m reluctant to recommend the organisation in any way.

Believe women. Systemic racism exists. Black lives matter. Humans are causing climate change.

Update, July 2020: Glassman’s gone and there’s hope for the organisation. I haven’t turned wodfeed back on, but anyone interested in running it is free to use the code.