Phil Noto is back drawing a Star Wars book

The actual STAR WARS book, in fact. Also, Greg Pak!

Phil Noto is the artist that helped me really pay attention to the artwork in comics. I think I discovered his work via Dan Benjamin on BACK TO WORK podcast. His take on the 60’s Marvel heroes was spot-on.

In the last few years I’ve purchased costly but well worth it floppy editions of many of the titles he’s drawn. BLACK WIDOW and the CHEWBACCA limited series were my favourites.

This week it was announced that Noto and Greg Pak will be taking over the main, totes canonical STAR WARS book when Kieron Gillen and Angel Unzueta step down.

Greg Pak! He wrote WORLD WAR HULK. The one where the Hulk is exiled into space, prints enough pamphlets to start a revolution, comes back to Earth and beats up literally everyone. This is a great fucking team!

I’ve been been following STAR WARS on and off via Marvel Unlimited. It’s going back on my pull list at Graphic from issue 68.



Kelly Thompson’s run on HAWKEYE was really good and I was sad when it was cancelled. Fortunately her new WEST COAST AVENGERS book has been just as much fun so far.

The first issue starts with land sharks marauding across LA and continues with a giant Tigra invading from the sea. The team features the good Hawkeye and Hawkguy, Gwenpool, America Chavez, and Quentin Quire.

What more do you need to convince you? Get thee to your local comic book store.