I am a local dad from Wellington, New Zealand. I’m a surf life guard, a runner, a former functional fitness practitioner who is thinking about getting back into it, a reader, a music fan, and software engineering manager at Xero.

I’d love to say this blog has a specific focus. It kinda does?

I still identify as a prorgrammer and I still want to get better at it. This is the place where I’ll document that progress.

I’m a student of process. I’m interested in the work that goes into making things and achieving goals. That could be making software, writing books, wood working, making bicycles, running ultra-marathons, climbing mountains, or cleaning up rivers.  So if I find something interesting in that area, I’m going to link to it.

I’m also a big fan of watching competent people going about their work and listening to people talk enthusiastically about mundane topics. So sometimes I’ll encourage you to get your Zen on by watching a fella mill wood into slabs or cook his dinner on a small fire stove.

And sometimes you just need to post your favourite book or pimp your friend’s new band. I’ll do that too.