Subscribe to the Surly Bikes blog in your feed reader

I’ve had my eye on a Surly Straggler for a long time. Like, years. Look at it. It’s gorgeous.

Straggler Bike 700c - Salmon Candy Red

I have an entry level mountain bike that I occasionally use as commuter and basically never use as an actual mountain bike. It turns out I’m not the kind of person who likes hooning down single track or weaving between trees and carving down switchbacks. I don’t mind a good grind, though, and I like going up and down unsealed roads.

I’ve followed Surly on Youtube for a while and have admired many a photo on r/surlybikefans but didn’t make a habit of visiting the site that often. Lockdown distractions led me there the other day and I found that the Surly blog is really good!

No feed, though. That’s standard these days. I was at a loose end this afternoon and decided to remedy that.

I took the bones of wod-feed, opened up the inspector in chrome, and twenty minutes later was subscribed to in Future Age. Sometimes it can be awfully satisfying to be programmer.

surly-feed is free software and available on github. Enjoy.