February Tracks, 2020

Listen to The Wolf by Shooter Jennings on Spotify

I use an IFTTT applet that adds tracks that I’ve saved on Spotify to a monthly playlist. In February I tapped the heart icon 24 times.

Another relatively eclectic mix, I guess.

My favourite “new to me” track is Shooter Jennings’s cover of Walk Of Life. That was my first ever favourite song. I was ten and I danced with a girl I “liked” while it played. This version is fucking great.

Listen to Satch Plays Fats by Louis Armstrong on Spotify

After watching a bunch of Amoeba Records What’s In My Bag videos, I went on a Satch Plays Fats kick for a few days. A few tracks are from that rabbit hole.

Fade Into You wasn’t already in my liked tracks and the day I after I added it the news that David Roback had died came out.

You can listen to the full playlist below.