It’s currently Shitsville

Jason Kottke recently talked about Kurt Vonnegut’s six seasons: Spring, Summer, Locking, Winter, Unlocking, and Autumn. He noted that in Vermont the two extras are unpleasant and go by different names “Stick Season” and Mud Season.

New Zealand, and especially Wellington, also follows a six season notation originally posited by Adam Shand and made into a real time calendar by @dmanww

The six seasons: 
Summer - Jan to March
Autumn - March to June
Winter - June to  Mid-August
Spring 1 - Mid August to Sept
Shitsville - September to Mid-Dec
Spring 3 - Mid-Dec to Jan

Unfortunately we’re right in the middle of a classic Shitsville season. Temperatures are cool even when it’s sunny. It’s grey and rainy more often than not. It’s always onshore at the beach. I can’t wait for Spring 2.