Where the hell did emacs put my config files?

Masochists like me use emacs on windows. This gives me pretty much all the power of the infinitely configurable text processing machine along with inexplicable default settings and all the confusion of not knowing how to find the config files emacs creates.

I can live with some defaults. The font is ugly but serviceable and the starting window size is a little anorexic but easily maximized.

Other defaults are annoying and expected. Word wrapping is off by default. There are a minimum of default syntax highlighting schemes.

The thing I couldn’t live with, the thing that made me dig deep and started configuring was the unnecessary noise. The fucking app beeps whenever you scroll to the top or bottom of a file with a mouse. That got old fast.

So I googled “how to disable the beep in emacs”, and, thank god for Stack Overflow, got exactly what I wanted: “How to disable the beep in emacs on windows”. The first answer to which not only tells you how to configure emacs, but how to find your emacs config in the first place. Bravo, Stack Overlow user phils! Excellent answer.