Instead of arguing about the ending of a telly programme you could be enjoying good comics

GAME OF THRONES is over. There’s ages till the next WEST WORLD. Put down that remote and get thee you your local comics shop, library, Comixology, or Amazon and get into some great comics. Here’s some I’ve been enjoying

Firefly - The Unification War Volume 1

This ongoing picks up where the TV series left off. Greg Pak has the dialog dialled in. It’s funny and smarter than it looks

Gunning for hist music thriller. Issue One

Gunning For Hits
An A&R man with a shady past. A Bowie-esque star mining a talented up and comer for hits. Snappy dialog and fascinating endmatter. This is a great book.

West Coast Avengers
I wrote about this a while back and the book has since been cancelled. But there are two really good trade paperbacks you can keep and re-read forever.

The Wicked + The Divine

The Wicked + The Divine
Every 90 years 12 gods are reincarnated. They are loved and hated. Within two years they’re all be dead. It’s good, people.