A Farewell To Shorts

I went to the pool on Sunday and found my favourite pair of swim shorts hadn’t made it through the last wash intact. I’m not sure when I purchased these purple Speedo shorts but I think it has to have been some time in 2001 or 2002. Almost two decades of service.

I wore those togs in the Pacific Ocean, the Tasman Sea, Cook Straight (kindof), Wellington Harbour, Motueka River, several streams in the Abel Tasman, and pools in half a dozen towns and cities. They have doubled for regular shorts most days at camping grounds. The dark purple was very light by the end. They were good togs.

I was lucky enough to have a backup pair so I could still swim. I did an informal retest of my 400m time but lost count of laps towards the end. I’ve either shaved off 30 seconds or 90 seconds. The regular swimming and lessons have made swimming feel so much more natural and regular that I’m hoping it’s the second.