Double-toasted sandwich sliced Vogels smeared with super crunchy peanut butter and boysenberry jelly.
I prefer smooth peanut butter as a base for PB&J but it would be poor form to pop out for a small jar of Fix & Fogg on the second day of a Level Four lockdown.
Coffee is served in a JoCo cup I received for efforts in a Xero hackathon.

A bit of a treat to start Level Four lockdown. A Peanut Butter, Date & Oat Smoothie.
It’s a sipping smoothie. Creamy and sweet, with some natural yoghurt stopping it being sickly, but not a drink you’re going to chug in a minute.
This’ll get me through a day of arts & crafts with the kids, hangouts & slack messages with workmates, and some form of exercise in the local area.
Stay home folks. We’ve got this.

Tom Hanks doesn’t know how to use Marmite. He posted a photo with twelve weeks with of the stuff slathered over his sourdough. That led to a run on Marmite and Vegemite at the supermarkets leaving only Our Mate on the shelves.
Readers, Our Mate is the good stuff. It is proper English Marmite, rebranded for our shores. Lighter brown. Almost runny. It tastes better.
Put some in your Click & Collect order and enjoy Marmite Eggs like I just did.

How to clean your butt without toilet paper

One thing this pandemic has certainly drummed home to me is the importance and mechanics of washing my hands properly. Every second thing in FB is a new video on “how to really get stuck in with hand washing cos yer doin’ it wrong, dummy.” I appreciate everyone who’s brought proper handwashing technique to my attention.

Let me repay the favour by taking it to the next level and introducing you to Indi Samarajiva‘s excellent article How to clean your butt without toilet paper.

All you need is a jug with a spout, soap, and water. And ditch the squeamishness that comes with decades of using toilet paper. Good luck!

Subscribe to the workout of the day archive in your feed reader

Since we’re all stuck at home I’ve been looking at how I can do some kind of CrossFit style workout on my own. I’m currently sans-box, so I figured mainsite (as we call it) would be a good place to start. Being a nerd of a certain vintage I wanted to subscribe to the workouts in my feed reader but no such feed exists.

So I made my own.

The code is free software and is hosted on GitHub.